Letters for September 29-October 5, 2005

We Need More Guns Bleeding hearts and their lambs: Thanks for letting me know about the great things going on at this station ("Savage Station," Bob Norman, September 22). Although Savage is just that, he speaks the truth about many people. It's disgusting how the media portray Bush as the...
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We Need More Guns

Bleeding hearts and their lambs: Thanks for letting me know about the great things going on at this station ("Savage Station," Bob Norman, September 22). Although Savage is just that, he speaks the truth about many people. It's disgusting how the media portray Bush as the goat in all the Katrina delays. Why not look at the retards who were shooting at the rescue teams? Maybe that's why they were slow to go in. Maybe people will look to Texas and see such a smaller amount of looting because people can carry concealed weapons there. And maybe it's just because they care about each other. Many of the people in New Orleans are lowlifes for doing what they did. Nobody deserves to die, but looters need to be shot on sight.

It will be a national struggle to get through these two storms. We don't need every leech trying to get money out of these horrific events. There are some really bad people trying to take advantage of this situation, and you have reporters stating "they are only trying to get by."

Sometimes we need guys like Bortz and Savage to open people's eyes. Maybe people will one day realize that people protesting against the minutemen on the border should be shot too. This country is way too politically correct. People protecting our borders are heroes. The ACLU will sue you for having a manger on your lawn but will defend the pervert who comes up to the lamb in that manger and screws it.

Ed Ferrary

Miami Beach

Who's a Gadfly, Punk?

That battered cylinder needs a knuckle sandwich: I just read (and chuckled) through your piece about the recent survey I sent to many of the community leaders in Fort Lauderdale to gauge their opinions about the prevailing controversies of the day ("The Survey Shows...," Tailpipe, September 22). Though I am most grateful for your description of my public service as that of a "quick-witted, no-nonsense, tough-on-crime politician," I do take offense at other portions of your column.

First, Webster's has gadfly as "one who annoys or irritates others." If that description of me pertains only to our current worthless mayor, then I am OK with it, and please disregard. As far as the psychological profile you gleaned from my supposed unusual writing style and the diagnosed deeply repressed anger, all I can say is, it's not true -- and #!!*%#!! you, you ##!*%$! sons of #!&*#!*

Last, in regard to the aforementioned worthless mayor of Fort Lauderdale, I bet you a ten spot that if you send him one of my surveys to fill out, he surely won't answer it for publication ( at least not truthfully).

Tim Smith

Fort Lauderdale

Like a Lousy Neighbor

Whack 'em where it hurts: I thought your article on United Auto ("The Bad-Hands People," Wyatt Olson, September 15) was outstanding! I am a chiropractor in Plantation who has had the displeasure of dealing with United for the past five years. I have well over $100,000 owed to me from this company.

Another policy they employ is the use of an examination under oath. Here, the lawyer for United can interview the client/patient and look for inconsistencies in the recollection of an accident and treatment, allowing them an opportunity to deny benefits. If a patient doesn't respond to a letter from an insurance company, it can refuse to pay. The problem is that many don't get the notice because they have moved. Many are working-class people who may move from apartment to apartment due to financial reasons, and their mail doesn't always follow them.

Unfortunately, I have had to refuse United Auto Insurance patients as a result of their practice -- people who are suffering from spine injures that result in permanent neck pain and headaches.

I'm proud of you guys for exposing this terrible company for what it is and for mentioning people, like Tom Gallagher, who blatantly overlook United's unethical business practices while still accepting lobbying dollars from them.

Dr. David Schwartz


United, we rip 'em off: Brilliant article! Could not have come at a better time. Our firm has litigated against United Auto Insurance as well. In fact, we employ a former attorney who has successfully sued them and recovered handsome amounts in the process.

When will this company learn its lesson?

Johnny Pineyro

Fort Lauderdale

Newspaper War, Herald-style

He was never a yes man: Thanks for Chuck Strouse's September 15 column, "The Agony of DeFede." Has anyone considered that Jim DeFede's dismissal from the Miami Herald might be related to some of his prior negative and revealing articles about prominent individuals in the community? There would undoubtedly have been pressure on the Herald to release him at those times. Maybe the Herald resisted, then took this opportunity to appease those who complained earlier.

Patricia Smith


Downey Redeemed

Give a guy a break: Robert Downey Jr., a gifted, talented man, has been healthy, clean, and sober for three years now ("Cirque du Extreme," Jason Budjinski, June 30). I think it's time to pick on someone else.

Suzanne Purcell

Via the Internet

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