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Letters from the issue of January 1, 2009

In Defense of Stained Glass

As a 40-year resident of South Florida, I took offense to the way the Stained Glass Pub review was handled (Tara Nieuwesteeg, "Praise the Whisky!," December 18). I have been going to the pub since it opened, and it has had its good times and bad. This review really missed the mark, however, and is nothing more than a bunch of words taking up a designated space in this local rag mag instead of the New Times writer using this platform properly.

Is it more the newspaper's fault for considering the writing as something that's well-done, or is it more the fault of the uninspired writer herself, who obviously knows that the editors of New Times do not really read or edit most of their writers' work? Apparently, Tara Nieuwesteeg (who totally needs a new name-de-plume) knows that she can hand in her assignments at the last second after spending less than an hour working on them, so why should she bother to make her stories accurate or even significant when no one is checking her work anyway? Her writing is indicative of a new "writer" desperate for personal attention by using her real, way-too-long, and difficult-to-spell name. With irrelevant loquacity, she unsuccessfully tries to be funny, delivering weakly written essays about clubs and restaurants she has obviously never set foot in prior to this, her first visit! Next time she visits the Stained Glass Pub, perhaps she will notice the excellent food served there and the service delivered by hard-working servers, some of whom have worked there for decades!

Unfortunately, we the public have to suffer through a story like this, even though we all know from firsthand experience, decades of family celebrations and gatherings with friends, and surprise 40th-birthday parties, and more and more... that the Stained Glass Pub is truly a great place.

Tom House

Fort Lauderdale

Editor's note: Tara Nieuwesteeg is actually a name-de-birth.

Pretrial Fraud

After reading your article on public-funded pretrial release ("Pretrial Sellout," Bob Norman, December 25), I would like to send you some information for study. I am both a professional and surety bondsman and have been for 30 years. Previously, I was a law enforcement officer. I am presently vice president of the North Carolina Bail Agents Association.

I submit to you, sir, that the claims that pretrial release saves money are pure and simply perpetuated fraud upon the judicial process, budgeting entities, and the tax-paying citizenry. Sadly, those who speak in favor of the program will get the "deer in the headlights" look if pressed for statistical analogical support for their opinion.

Please consider this: In counties where public-funded pretrial release operates, it has less than a 5 percent effect on my business. Contrarily, if the program is discontinued, the program's director is 100 percent out of a job. So who has the bias here, and who is in the best position to perpetuate fraud?

Steven F. Shell

Lexington, North Carolina

A Prize for Tricks

I think that this article is trying to make the point that we are all human, no matter how looked-down-upon we are ("The Real Girlfriend Experience," Michael J. Mooney, September 17). If a prostitute can find solace in winning a stuffed lion, I think humanity still has hope.

Name withheld by request

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