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Letters From the Issue of July 30, 2009

Frey Isn't the Problem

If [Lt. Col. Ricky] Frey is the most qualified for the job and the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) money was primarily from his own contributions, I'm finding it hard to understand the point of your article when it comes to Frey ("Double? Try Triple Dipping," Bob Norman, July 16). Did you add his DROP contributions because it made your article sexier? Did a more qualified person not get the job? I think this entire article is unfair to Frey and his family. You're attacking this guy for taking advantage of a system that the state put in place. Spinning it to make it look like this guy did something wrong is complete bullshit. Florida is your problem, not the BSO.

Gregory Cave

Cooper city

More Problems With a Pup

I am writing in regard to your blog "Petland Faces Puppy Mill Lawsuit; Dog From Davie Store Raised by Rat Bastard," dated March 18, 2009 (Eric Barton, TheJuiceBlog.com). It is of special interest to me because I purchased a Maltese puppy back in April 4, 2009, from what I thought was a reputable local breeder located in Davie.

As soon as I brought my puppy home, I noticed he had kennel cough. I had the vet, whom the breeder recommended and whom she has been using for years, examine and treat my puppy. The vet even had to board him for a few days to make sure the puppy wouldn't develop pneumonia. The breeder seemed to have no interest whatsoever in the well-being of this puppy. Right away, I got concerned and started to pressure the breeder to provide me with pedigree papers. I even had to have an attorney send the breeder a letter on my behalf to expedite the matter. Finally, I received the America's Pet Registry on July 13. Right away, I got suspicious as the APR is not as reputable as the AKC Registry and is often used by puppy mills. Turns out that my puppy actually came from Sheryl Tietz, the breeder you wrote about.

My puppy now is having another medical condition that may or may not be related to the puppy-mill issue. But my point is that I have the intention to go after the breeder in Davie if this all turns out to be true. I intend to prevent her from misleading other buyers like myself.

What the Davie breeder did was dishonorable, selling dogs under false pretenses. The reason I went directly to a breeder was specifically to avoid puppy mills!

Erika Giuffrida

Pompano Beach

Thanks, and More at 11

Just a note to say thanks for being included in your annual "Best Of" issue. Such awards, frankly, are fun but don't mean much — but whoever wrote the squib about me said some meaningful things that I have worked long and hard to make true.

Michael Putney

Channel 10

Our Winner Gets Slammed

Why is it that in the 21st Century, with music having been around for eons, bands can't or don't band (pardon the pun) together to help support the will and the drive of music, for music's sake? In your recent Best Of Readers' Poll (TheJuiceBlog.com), a "winner" was slanderously bashed for winning an award by a party who was not even nominated.

These people, who will remain nameless (because promotion of such childish behavior would only be acknowledgment), have decided to rant about how the "winner" was not deserving, via Facebook. Of course, they're going to get their friends in agreement with them, but if they truly thought they were deserving, then shouldn't their friends have voted for them?

Apparently, these unnominated people are going to hold their own poll on Facebook for their friends. Isn't that sweet? My mom always said I was so talented, artistic, funny, cute, smart, and caring... it must be true! So I guess I've already won that poll. Good luck to all those friends of friends, and thank you, New Times, for publishing the Best Of 2009 Winners!

Name withheld upon request

Fort Lauderdale

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