Letters from the Issue of October 1, 2009

Cage the Cagers!

I was thrilled to see your piece about the controversy over using animals as circus props (The Juice, Michael J. Mooney, September 17). There is far too much known about what really goes on to turn a blind eye anymore.

Animals are beaten into submission with bull hooks and whips, chained, caged, and denied everything that matters to them. After performing, they are loaded in boxcars like used car parts and shipped off to the next venue. They rarely get to bask in the sun, breathe fresh air, or take a walk through the grass.

The only ones still defending the use of animals as "entertainment" are those who are making money off their misery.

Jayne Morris


Don't Mess With Tyler Perry... or His Fans

You must be kidding (Film, Melissa Anderson, September 11). Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself is a great movie. One thing about this man's movies is that he can take you on a roller coaster; one second you are crying and sad, and the next second you are laughing uncontrollably. Were you aware that his movie was number one this weekend? There is a purpose in every movie Perry makes. Although I believe we all have "opinions," I don't believe that you are correct in your statements regarding the movie.

Shannon Haithcock


Are you crazy or simply not a Medea fan? Saw the movie tonight and laughed and cried through it. It is a carbon copy of life. How much more real could acting get? Went to Coral Ridge Cinema. It was crowded, and no one walked out.

Neil Sartori

Wilton Manors

Why is it that when a movie comes out that is enjoyable for all ages, people want to knock it. If this had been a movie that was rated R with the same subject, different characters, and same outcome, everyone would write great reviews about it. Come on, give the man a break. If you did not like it, you should have kept that to yourself. And as for the people who walk out, they probably went to the restroom... get over it!

Denay Sherrod

Lawndale, California

Well, We Are Handsome Enough for the Anchor Desk

I would just like to thank you for your continuing efforts to expose the "friendly fascism" that has come to dominate our politics of today. (The Daily Pulp, Bob Norman's blog) Not only is government-business coziness and de facto bribery rampant; it is standard operating procedure. I only wish you had a larger venue (such as a television show) to offset the right-wing propagandommercials that the public is subjected to.

Keep up the good work!

Scott Parrish


New Times Complicit in Drug Epidemic?

In looking through your publication dated September 10, I noted 11 pages of ads for pain management clinics. In light of the abuse of prescription pain meds in this state and the huge influx of out-of-state "visitors" who come here to abuse those drugs — because they can — how can your paper in good conscience allow these ads and put our community in danger from the abusers/users that drive on our highways high to get back to their state, let alone sell these drugs to our kids and citizens?

You have a responsibility to be a good citizen, even in these poor economic times. Why are you allowing greed to outweigh good judgment?

Your readers deserve an answer, especially when your publication writes article after article condemning these clinics and their practices!

Roxanna Trinka

Boca Raton

Nothing Cartoonish About Jewish Avengers

You owe readers am apology for the cover picture you just ran, "The Jewish Avenger" (Bob Norman, September 10). Whether this guy is an asshole or not is of no interest to me, but linking him by his religion is purely an anti-Semitic response designed somehow to help you get sympathy from people looking for an excuse to blame a group for the actions of one.

Check your history around 1935. Hitler did the same thing with Jewish cartoons designed to inflame passions. I couldn't care what this guy calls himself, but making it the focus of your article and cover was exploitative and inappropriate.

I doubt you'll be running articles of Christian criminals with a cross in front of them.

Appropriate action is expected.

Lorne E. Basskin


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