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Letters to the Editor

Take this, Rick, you eye of Newt! OK, I know the letters section isn't typically intended for comment on other letters, but the one from Rick Stark in Weston leaves me speechless (June 7). Or not...

He chastises and derides your publication as being "artsy" and "left-leaning" and demands that you "wake up and take notice that the United States, whether you like it or not, is conservative...." I'd like to know just what United States he is referring to? Is it the same United States that elected a liberal President by popular vote then had its wishes derailed by an archaic electoral technicality and the Supreme Court? Or is it the one where high-profile members of the conservative party either defect because even they think their party is wrong-headed or openly engage in serious bipartisianship with their liberal counterparts? Or is it the one where the leader of the Republicans has had to backpedal from virtually every conservative stance he took in the first 100 days of his tenure because of moderate outcries?

Explain to me again, with a straight face please, how this conservative tax cut, which was initially a refund because the economy was so good, is now suddenly needed to stimulate a sluggish economy? Wouldn't the recession significantly reduce the ten-year projected surplus, which we are supposedly basing this tax cut on? And please, anyone, show me any ten-year Washington fiscal projection, EVER, that came true. I mean, do they think we're really this stupid?

Conservatives have been rehashing the same song and dance for years. They figure if they say it loud enough and long enough it will eventually come true. If they think this sort of politicking still works with the American people, I'd refer them to a fellow named Newt.

Trip Affleck
Fort Lauderdale

Writing after being wronged: I thought I would write you because I suspect a lot of other people have been burned by Bill Ash ("Ash & Burn," Wyatt Olson, May 31). In the early 1990s I answered an ad in the Sun-Sentinel that referred to a "Strip Mall Art Show Promoting Business" for sale. I bought it from Bill at a time when I was financially in a poor way (and he knew it) for $5000. The agreement was that he would help me learn the ropes for several months. He reported it made $3000 to $6000 per month and that he was at that time doing a show every weekend. He also represented that he had hundreds of vendors on a waiting list. I soon found out that the 10 to 15 vendors on his list had been badly burned by him and were seeking restitution from me. Most of those people finally went away after they realized I had also been burned and was near financial ruin. Bill also represented to me that he needed to sell the business because he needed to move to Massachusetts to care for a very ill relative.

I, of course, discovered when he no longer answered my phone calls and did not answer his door at home that I had been had. I spent an additional $2500 attempting to get recourse through an attorney to no avail.

I was told by someone about a year ago that he had an ad in the New Times attempting to sell an escort service. Up until that time I did not know of his involvement with that business. I called the number I was given and sure enough, it sounded like him on the phone. Though I tried to set an appointment with him, it never materialized. I believe he must have recognized my voice.

I hope others who have been hurt by him come forward. Maybe now we finally have him cornered and could, with a class-action suit of some kind, put him away for a while, as I'm sure we will never collect any money.

I ran across this paper and story very much by accident. I am really happy I did, because knowing that I was not alone helps the hurt I still carry just a bit. Thanks.

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

Editor's Note: William Ash responds that the writer's contentions are fiction. And, he says, he never placed an ad in this newspaper to peddle an escort service.

Another number one: Congratulations to WLRN-FM (91.3) radio on its 50th anniversary and its selection by New Times as the best radio station (Best of BrowardPalm Beach, May 17). I would like to point out to those of your readers who are more interested in classical music than jazz and folk that WXEL-FM (90.7) also carries National Public Radio and public affairs programming. In addition the WXEL/Sun-Sentinel news provides Morning Edition listeners with the best local news coverage of any radio station in South Florida. The audience for WXEL has grown tremendously since the start of the WXEL/Sun-Sentinel news one year ago -- and we are now the number one station to thousands of radio listeners in our coverage area. Perhaps next year we'll also be number one to New Times.

Jerry Carr, President and CEO
WXEL-TV42 and WXEL 90.7 FM
West Palm Beach

Owing to a reporting error, Jen Karetnick's "Foodstuff" (June 14) incorrectly identified a restaurant. The actual name is Island Grill. New Times regrets the error.

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