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Name withheld by request
via the Internet

Turnabout is fair hate: I don't write letters very often, but a story in the last issue forced me to respond. First, to J.D. Alder, I hope your car breaks down in Liberty City on "Ride Your Horse" day (an actual Klan event; I've been invited). What they do to you will be better than you deserve. As a so-called reverend (what sect would have you?) I'd hope you've read the Bible. I'm an agnostic, but just in case you weren't aware, Jesus didn't say, "Love your neighbor unless he's a Negro, in which case, string him up on the nearest tree and burn crosses on his lawn." Also, since you are studying American/British history, you should know: The only reason there are so many African-Americans here is because your forefathers brought them. Mine participated too, I must admit.

I am not black. I am a proud Irish-and-German-American, and just to let you know, there's a difference between pride in your own culture and spreading ignorance. There's not a lot to be proud of in your British heritage. We kicked Britain's ass once, and they built a clock. That's about it. The Egyptians built the pyramids, which still stand, and created one of the first written languages. Also, regarding the "America is theirs" comment, this land doesn't belong to anyone. It was here before Adam and Eve, and therefore belongs to God, who will judge you, may I add. Who will judge you harshly because you use His name in your rhetoric. Of course the Klan is a dead end, the rest of the human race has evolved past that. Maybe your gene pool is above ground, maybe just a puddle, but I'd be interested in how many generations back your family has been inbred. Oh yes, King's Disease was another legacy of the British. They inbred to keep the royal blood untainted and ended up with toothless imbeciles running the country. Did you get to that chapter of the history book yet? But I digress.

For anyone who sees the Reverend Alder on the streets, I suggest a firsthand history lesson. That means tie one limb each to four horses and get them running in opposite directions. If he's still breathing, hang him from the highest branch. Just to make it authentic, let's invite a crowd of cowards in sheets to watch and laugh. Then he'll be able to understand what it's like to be black in the wrong town at the wrong time. In the meantime, Mr. Alder, watch your back, because your picture has been printed and we know your name. Racism has many faces, but it has NO place in a civilized society except underground.

John Tracey
via the Internet

A sad and horrifying missive: Wyatt Olson's story about the butcher (formerly, thank God) known as a plastic surgeon ("Requiem for a Butcher," June 7) reminded me of a Law & Order episode. Where is McCoy when you need him? Your story also helped me in my decision to never, ever, get plastic surgery, no matter how decorated the doctors' walls might be. It amazes me that these innocent people are left scarred, disfigured -- and worse, dead -- yet this man is allowed to watch the latest episodes of The Drew Carey Show or what have you and to laugh and smile every day for hopefully the short remaining years of his life.

It deeply saddens me how badly the legal system works when it comes to the Dr. Frankensteins with money in this country or just the rich in general. (O.J., anyone?) I definitely feel for those who are left to deal with this unfair dilemma when all they wanted to do was better themselves. What a sad and horrifying world we live in.

Shawn Patrick Clancy
Oakland Park

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