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Letters to the Editor

Mara lo-o-ves her fast-moving water: Undercurrents was very current on July 5. It is clear you will not get a gig as the Hollywood PR director.

John Coleman

Harvey finds kindred spirits: As I have dogged Jen Kavetchnick's restaurant reviews for over a decade, I was overjoyed to read the ass-ripping the proprietors of Gryphon served up in response to Jen's rancid review of their business (Letters, June 28)!

And in the July 12 issue, she complained about her kids being denied entrance to Gatsby's, a refined place where kids shouldn't be welcome. Jen, take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese's, where the noise drowns out the kids. Or leave them home with the hubby when you're out working. Or don't be so cheap. Ante up for a baby sitter.

As I've said for years, Jen's best work would be to review fast-food restaurants -- her real calling! New Times continues to denigrate itself by keeping a restaurant reviewer with Kavetchnik's low credibility on staff. Why screw your readers by continuing to publish her opinions and allowing them to believe she has a clue? She doesn't! As I've said for over a decade (except for the big-name chefs whose asses she continues to smooch), she's clueless! Way to go, Gryphon owners!

Harvey Slavin

Lament for a listening ear: I read Amy Roe's article "Generation Exodus" (June 21) and thought it was great. I am South African and living in South Florida. I am a "colored" South African who knows all about the days of apartheid, as I recently left my hometown of Cape Town. Many white South Africans leave our country and still carry forth their thoughts of grandeur. They think they were right. Therefore I am so glad that you wrote about the history and acknowledged that what happened there was not right. It sends the message to white South Africans that, as a society, you condemn their views and false prides.

It has been hard to meet fellow South Africans here. I have met a few white South Africans who are open-minded. None of them truly understands what I went through as a child. Often they don't want to know. I tend to tell my story to Americans, as they do have a listening ear. People are surprised to hear I was classified as colored in South Africa and even more so when they hear that a race like "colored" exists. Thank you for the great article.

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

He knows T's to a T: Bob Whitby's May 24 cover story ("A Lone Gunn") about a friend and business associate of mine, adult-film producer Jim Gunn, quotes Michael, some self-proclaimed "strip-joint expert," about T's Lounge. I am writing to set the record straight. New Times printed that Michael said T's was a "shit hole" for the following reason: "Go over there. In the corner. There's a pole holding up the ceiling." Where in the hell did he come up with this? The only thing that I can think of is the support pole that was outside of the club, supporting the awning that is being removed as part of a complete inside-and-outside remodeling job.

There were also quotes about dim lighting, a dirt parking lot, and worn carpet. Well, the key word here again is remodeling. T's Lounge is being revamped from the ceiling down. As a matter of fact, when Jim and friends were visiting the club, the ceiling of T's was brand-new -- only three weeks old. Our $150,000, computerized, state-of-the-art neon-and-fiber-optic interior lighting system was in the process of being installed, and there was enough of the new lighting system already operating for the majority of our satisfied customers. I'm sorry if it wasn't enough for Bob and Michael. The parking lot is not dirt, it is paved, and I can only guess that Bob must be writing about the new addition to T's parking lot, which is currently gravel as we have just added extra parking closer to the club. But he did get us on the carpet. It is imperative that clubs as popular as T's Lounge replace the carpet periodically because of the major wear and tear from those who fill the club every week. So, as I said, we are remodeling from the ceiling down, and the carpet is next. Then there was the part about the bathroom being "scrubbed and well-lit" with warm towels from the attendant? The bathroom was being remodeled the week that Michael, Bob, and Jim were there. A complete mess. And the bathroom guy never has warm towels. Can these guys ever get it right? Is there such a thing as responsible journalism anymore?

Dan Cleveland
employee, friend, and patron of the legendary T's Lounge
Fort Lauderdale

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