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Letters to the Editor

On the writer...: I'm impressed! Finally somebody took the time to dig into the manure pile and come up with a gem. Bob Whitby's piece on the Boca [Raton] News ("Bad News," August 30) is the kind of writing I did when I was an investigative reporter... when newspapers encouraged that kind of thing. Thanks for telling the story.

Randall Murray
via the Internet

and the kid: As a former news desk copyeditor who worked a Saturday-night gig at the Boca Raton News (until my one-day-a-week position was cut in March), I found Bob Whitby's piece on the paper to be an interesting read. Two comments: While I think Michael Martin hastened the financial crisis at the Boca Raton News, I don't think anyone can put that publication on firm footing. I see Hollywood Sun-Tattler written all over it. Also, I wanted to say that I felt naming an individual writer who made an error was unnecessary. Whitby is absolutely correct that the paper is a place for young kids to cut their teeth in the business, and mistakes are routine (as they are in the [Palm Beach] Post, Sun-Sentinel, and New Times). The execs, of course, are fair game. But in my opinion, that particular point could have been made without attaching a name.

John Nelander
West Palm Beach

A narrow-minded ear...: Jeff Stratton's August 30 Bandwidth column seems to be the ravings of a self-important, manic-depressive jackass. If he took as much time to see the positive, imaginative, and artistic qualities in the South Florida music scene as he took hacking apart these recordings from local groups, he would probably realize that there is much to appreciate and celebrate in the works of these budding recording artists and rock stars who prefer a heavier guitar sound than his seemingly narrow-minded ear permits.

D. Rakofsky
via the Internet

and a four-part harmony: Firstly it's not nice to make fun of someone when they fall, as Jeff Stratton did in Bandwidth on August 23. Secondly some people like the mini-Moog synth part at the end of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Lucky Man!" So, if Jeff wants to rag on Greg Lake, he should rag on the man's voice when trying to hit the high notes. Thirdly, sure, Howard Jones had a funny hairdo in the '80s, but it was called "image" and it attracted attention. Would Culture Club (I've never owned a record) have been known at all if not for the getup? Fourthly perhaps the lack of image is what kept other more talented folks like Ben Folds from blowing up instead of sinking like a stone.

The gentleman from Plantation rests.

DB Jacobson
via the Internet

Keep your hand on your wallet: I love dogs as much as the next person, but the story by Eydie Cubarrubia entitled "Gravy Train" (August 16) made me want to growl! I definitely thought Ms. Cubarrubia was barking up the right tree in exposing the amount of money these parks cost to construct and maintain. It was the thought of more parks for dogs and not for children that got under my fur. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Fort Lauderdale seven years ago was the lack of green space and children's playgrounds. If it hadn't been for Hugh Taylor Birch donating acres of land to the state of Florida, we would never have that beautiful green expanse between Sunrise and Oakland Park boulevards on A1A. Rather there would be more concrete condominiums.

Thank goodness for his foresight! Unlike other cities in the United States, Fort Lauderdale has few parks. Rare is the neighborhood park or playground where children and families can convene for a quick hour in the afternoon. I am offended that all these dog parks are being constructed instead of more green space for humans. Certainly the demand for human green space and parks is increasing as the population of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County rises. Humans, not dogs, should be the priority when it comes to taxpayer dollars. I think the wealthy people who donate to dog parks have forgotten about the many children in Broward who are deprived and live in poverty. How about a park for them?

The last quote of the article nicely sums up the warped prioritizing that seems to be indicative of our city: "And if the dog-park fad goes away, we'll still have a nice park for people."

Evelyn Knowles
Fort Lauderdale

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