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Letters to the Editor

Aryan gods are who they think they are, silly: Upon reading Adam Pitluk's latest article ("The Heart of Whiteness," September 6) I am once again left feeling emotionally drained, pissed off, frightened, hopeful, confused, and nostalgic for my Bubby's and Papa's hugs. While I understand the importance of education and accurate information, for these are our tools to fight ignorance, I can't quite comprehend his desire to publicize such schools of thought. I am satisfied that he addressed this issue in the last paragraph, although recognizing this fact toward the beginning would have been more beneficial to me. I would have been much more emotionally prepared to read such rhetoric had my thoughts not been torn between the information at hand and my curiosity as to why he "[has] just given way too much free ink to the same kind of people as those who marked my grandmother for death."

After reading the article on white supremacists, I am left with questions. I want to know why these assholes desire to live long and prosper in an all-white world? What exactly do they have against Jews, blacks, Hispanics, et cetera? How can they claim that Jews brought over the slaves, and yet our country was founded by whites? Adam wrote: "Dennis concurs. His goal, he says, is to wake people up. "Blacks are taught to band together. Jews are the same. Even the faggots. There's gay pride, black pride. But no teacher will tell you, "Hey, it's OK for you to be proud of being white." The biggest misconception is our ignorance. We come from the greatest bloodline of all time, and there's no shame in that.'"

Why do they use the term white to describe their race? To me, white describes a color (of skin), not a race. If they hate being minorities, and I use that term loosely, in our country, why don't they fucking move? Who the hell do they think they are to define "white pride" as getting rid of the other races and rising up to protect a white future? I do not hear "faggot pride" enthusiasts, or "black pride" supporters ranting and raving about taking over what is rightfully theirs. I simply hear them fighting for equality, supporting their heritage or ways of life.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I have chosen to turn a blind eye. Maybe I am so infuriated by his article and overwhelmed by raging thoughts I cannot seem to express myself in a clear and concise manner. Regardless, this well-written article was successful in raising awareness and provoking emotion and thought. I just pray to Adonai, my Jewish God above, that his white ass hasn't given these schmucks an outlet to attract more ignorant fools.

Long live diversity!

Andrea Levine
via the Internet

Well, maybe there's one Jew at the helm: First of all I have to give props to Adam Pitluk for going face to face with these monsters. It was a very eye-opening and disturbing article. How anyone can say the Holocaust didn't happen is beyond me. Just reading their words gave me the chills. I think the most disturbing quote came from Doug: "I can't say [Timothy] McVeigh was wrong, but he could have picked a better target." What? Killing 168 people wasn't enough? This coming from a group who say they don't promote violence. One final thing: From what I know, Jews DO NOT control the government or your very well written newspaper.

Jim Boardman

No ink is free, lady: There's more to this than meets the eye. Hate and the wish for evil (as witnessed by Pitluk's grandmother) is a HUMAN (not white, Jewish, black, brown, or yellow) response to lack of love and light, in ALL cases. I understand the anger, resentment, and pain of the young men you interviewed. Do you? Do you?

As much free ink as you gave to the white supremacist story, you need to "volunteer" the same amount of free ink and space to tell the other side of the whiteness tale.

Your fellow Jew (by choice),

Leena Ades
via the Internet

Another top-drawer dude speaks: Racial greetings! Just thought I would drop New Times a quick note and thank you for not taking advantage of the situation we opened up to you. Do you know where your story is? It has been translated into God knows how many dialects and transmitted AROUND THE WORLD! Your story is being read at this time in Russia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and so on! Did you have any idea this was going to happen? Maybe you did. Maybe that's why you did the story! You did a good job, my friend. I am getting e-mails from all over the world because I wrote the WCOTC Website and talked about the story. How does it feel? You should feel pretty damn good, brother! 14/88

Douglas (Werwulfe)
via the Internet

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: I give you much respect for this article.

Sean Quinn
via the Internet

Or maybe "To Slime and Spank"? The slogan "To Protect and Serve" should be changed to "To Intimidate and Suggest." I was very irritated after reading "A Paddling at the Palladium" (Eydie Cubarrubia, August 30). It is so unfortunate, but these days it seems that the relationship between the cops and the public has become too much of Us vs. Them. If a person breaks the law, they should suffer the consequences.

But when you hear stories of a cop using physical force beyond what is necessary in a situation, it is alarming. No innocent person should ever feel any sense of fear when they are around a police officer. Intimidating a person into a confession is one of the worst tactics I have ever heard of. Any confession obtained through intimidation has great chances of including false information. Guilty until proven innocent is not the frame of mind I thought police officers were supposed to have. Is it possible for the police and the public to work together in cooperation? It would take much effort and trust from both sides, but if it succeeded, it would hopefully eliminate many of the excessive-force charges levied against cops as well as citizens' fears.

Leah Jones

You bet he'll stick to it, like gum to your shoe: I read Bob Norman's article about the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation ("Beaten, Burned, and Raped," August 9) and the alleged mistreatment of Joe Cox. The Internet address of the article is making the rounds of FINR "alumni," of whom I am one. I would like to congratulate Mr. Norman on a fine piece of investigative journalism. I hope he will stick with the story.

David McCraney
via the Internet

Soccer means politics: "Lying for Kicks" (Strouse, June 28) is a piece of excellent work. It reflects the state of the matters in Paraguay. I hope you continue providing more information about this case, since it is of interest to Paraguayans like myself, as well as anyone who is interested in fighting against corruption in Latin America.

Dr. Segundo Ibarra
via the Internet

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