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Letters to the Editor

But can Stratton put a cork in it? Can Jeff Stratton write one article without mentioning Pank Shovel (Bandwidth, October 11, September 27, and August 16 and "Can You Dig It?" September 6)? It's insulting with all the musical talent we have in our area that you continue to give the same band all this free press -- ESPECIALLY a band that is so incredibly TERRIBLE. I mean, have you ever actually seen them? Without earplugs?

Beth Smith
via the Internet

How about the comics or maybe the sports page? Interesting article on this guy Al Galvez ("Next Victim," Jeff Stratton, October 4), but what was the point? I'm from San Francisco, here temporarily, so what I know about your local music scene you could put in your eye and not even blink. But... a cover story? For that guy? I would think that, if he were so talented, he'd have made a bigger splash by now.

Anyway... for somebody who seems to be so universally reviled, you sure gave him a nice little bit of press.

John Rigney
via the Internet

A whopper of a buddy: I'm a Miami native currently living in Washington, D.C., as a working musician. I'm a friend of Henry Rajan, and it was through him that I read the Al Galvez article. It was entertaining as hell.

In late 1999 I had just got back to Miami from London, and I asked around to see if I could score a gig playing guitar. I was introduced to Al Galvez, and I played with him, Henry Rajan, and Ulysses Perez for three shows: one in Palm Beach and two in Miami. I was brought on as lead guitarist and remember walking off the stage toward the end of our last show because Al Galvez had stepped all over my solos. My walking off wasn't about pride; it was about working with someone who (a) had the most disgusting stage energy you could imagine, and (b) didn't have a clue about stage courtesy among musicians! I remember one night when I started rehearsing with A Kite Is a Victim, I was sitting across from Carl Ferrari and telling him that "... I just wanna make a bit of money playing," and Carl laughed and said, "Yeah, good luck," in reference to me playing with AKIAV.

Funny thing is, I e-mailed Al Galvez a few weeks ago to see if he was interested in producing a track or two for me on this little solo project I'm working on. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I worked with someone who wasn't a friend or someone I didn't even like; just for the sake of experimentation. I bet the guy barely remembers me since he's got so many beefs with so many people. And if he did remember me, he might have something nasty to say about me, too. Well, I just didn't want to feel left out!! HA HA! I'd be Al Galvez's friend... for just a few bucks a day or a Whopper or something!

Everyone should find solace in knowing that people like Al Galvez get what they deserve in the end! I don't hate the guy; I feel sorry for him not understanding the true value of friendship!

Josue Cruz
via the Internet

No more soma for Tommy: I would like to congratulate and profoundly thank Susan Eastman for her journalistic masterpiece "1984 and Counting" (September 27). I also thank New Times for printing it. Freedom of speech must never fall victim to the pseudo-patriotic fury of the pedestrian leadership in our present administration and its willing executioners in the media.

Thomas Mehrel

Clintonista, Bushista, loco-ista: I read Susan Eastman's article on the media coverage of the recent terrorist attacks with great curiosity. The tone was familiar. It sounded like most of the conservative publications when they railed against media coverage of the Clinton administration. Where was New Times's indignation about the media buying the Clintonista rhetoric lock, stock, and barrel?

I appreciate your investigative reporting, but it must cost you a fortune to replace that glass house you work in.

Bill DelGrosso

Stream of xenophobia: Bob Norman's story about hints of terrorism not made known prompts my reactions ("Red Alert," September 20). The Muslims don't like our liking the Jews. The latter, throughout Old Testament history, were punished by God for turning away from Him to false idols, with enemy tribes doing the honors. Thousands were slaughtered on both sides in hundreds of clashes. America is, as Billy Graham would agree, being humbled by the New York and D.C. calamities! I predict next that germ/biological/ chemical warfare will be unleashed on us when a faceless villain opens a nondescript bag in, say, Madison Square Garden to release deadly gases. Thankfully the Bible promises us "healing" if we turn from our "wicked ways."

Armageddon has become a household topic. Afghanistan has been a "graveyard" for attacking empires for centuries. It will be another Nam! Saddam Hussein should have been finished off, so it is no wonder he is still a thorn in our sides.

We all now know South Florida is a haven for terrorist preparations. The Gold Coast is the crossroads for commerce, including the illegal type; 99 percent of drugs come across the Mexican border along 2000 miles, which is unfenced. THIS SOVEREIGN NATION SHOULD HAVE ITS FRONTIERS SECURE! The "iron curtain" was one way communism maintained suppression. Hire unemployed German polizei to be consultants for a massive public works project on our borders!

Marvin Doudna
West Palm Beach

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