Letters to the Editor

You should have better judgment...:
I'm writing to express my extreme displeasure with your choice for the cover photo on the most recent issue of New Times ("Backyard Bloodbath," Bob Norman, April 5). Frankly I was so turned off by the image that I didn't care what the story was about. There may have been some important content in this issue but you lost me with that photo. That's both a disservice to me and to your publication. I may not be the frontline in protecting the public from these kinds of images and I respect your right to publish what you choose... but I am the frontline in protecting myself and my family. So this issue is in the trash. Gee, how will I find out the movie times this week?

Daryl Leoce
via the Internet

... and so should John's mom...:
Well, I am not too sure where to start. I was very shocked to see the front page of the April 5 issue. First of all, to have a picture on the front page like that is more than disgusting. Second, the text that went with it was just as disgusting. For the mother to sit there and say that's what she gets with boys... well, let me tell you, I have a son and a brother. Never would they act like that. And if they did, I would put an end to it. You can't sit and say there just is nothing you can do. That is a cop-out. There is plenty you can do.... You just have to want it bad enough!

Roxanne Bandy
Coral Springs

... as should Bob Norman:
I read your article on EFW, and was disappointed to read all the lies. The EFW is not a talented organization and is not an example of backyard wrestling at its best. It is nothing but trash, and you should put the paper where EFW belongs, in the garbage. Thanks. And remember, if you don't agree with me... then you're wrong.

Nick Mayberry
Hardcore Champion Wrestling
via the Internet

Emergency is in the eye of the writer:
In reference to the letter to the editor by Paramjit Singh "of the Internet" (April 5), I think one can gather from his letter that he is not too impressed or fond of cops. However, what I got out of his letter was his question, "Have you ever tried calling 911 as a nonemergency...?" Maybe it is the police dispatcher in me talking, but why in the world is he dialing 911 if, by his own admission even, it is not an emergency? That should be used for emergencies only. If you have something to report that is not an emergency, you should dial the seven-digit number of your local police department.

Terri Bryant
Pembroke Pines

Promoting is a relative term:
In an otherwise well written, researched, and reported piece on South Florida concert promoters ("Rock in a Hard Place," March 15), Jeff Stratton glossed over one of the prime reasons why they and area club owners run into problems. Just as drunken musicians and undercutting garage bands have lived down to the stereotypes (and local scene) they helped create and un-maintain, the people who hire them sometimes soil the bed they lie in.

The guilty will go unnamed here, but the owner of both Finnegans' establishments in Miami Beach double-booked myself and singer-guitarist Fran Snyder at one of his clubs this January. The other act arrived first, so they got the gig -- typical club illogic. To his credit the owner invited us to come out anyway and gave us half-pay (very uncommon), along with food, a couple drinks, and the promise he'd never shaft us again.

Two months later, after I'd hired a sub for another gig, the same guy blew us off to film an alcoholic-lemonade commercial.

Another guilty party is pictured and quoted in Stratton's story. He's a guy I went to college with and still consider a friend, but as a promoter he hired my band Numb in 1996 to open for the Jason Bonham Band at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. I wanted to meet Bonham, whose father, John (of Led Zeppelin), was my primary drumming influence, but our half-hour set was a feedback-drenched test of our professionalism (which we passed, no thanks to the sound company, which didn't). After the show our promoter had disappeared, causing Bonham's manager to scream at me about start times, poor turnout, and revenue. Three days later, when I finally got Bonham to answer the phone, he informed me that he couldn't pay us our paltry $50 because he'd lost too much money. With promoters like these...

Bill Meredith
via the Internet

... for the sake of punk Pundik:
I have been a New Found Glory, better known as NFG, fan for about three years now ("Real-World Punk," Tom Bowker, March 15). I must say I absolutely loved your article on the band! They are an absolutely amazing group, and I believe they totally deserve everything that's in store for them. I've seen them live a couple of times, and they have so much energy. I love going to their shows. They really know how to get the crowd moving. And they're all really funny! However, there's one thing I have to debate. Jordan Pundik WILL NOT marry Britney Spears! I've been in love with him for, like, ever, but I could see Cyrus ending up with one of the President's twin daughters!

Stephanie Moran
via the Internet

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