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Letters to the Editor

Just another club body-slammed by our mad-dog music maven: Jeff Stratton walks into our club on our only heavy-metal night at 8:15 and judges us. (Bandwidth, September 7). What in the world is he thinking? First of all we open at 8, and I don't know many clubs that pack the house at that hour. Plus, if he did his research, he would have known that on Sundays bands play for tickets. So the reason we were so dead was because your band, Sunday Driver, did no promotion for its set, or it has no fans because it is not worth a rat's ass, with no future in the music industry. It is very sad when our local media unjustly degrades local venues that try to help local original bands just dying to be seen by anyone. There are not that many venues anymore that support today's up-and-coming rock 'n' roll bands, whether or not they are our own personal taste or not. Thank you for giving rock 'n' roll another blow to the head in our community. You should really commend yourself on your article. If it has any effect on our business, your favorite band Sunday Driver will have no place to play.

Thank you.

The Wig Farmers at the Metal Factory
Fort Lauderdale

Better bring along a food taster next time you eat out: Just think, New Times nerds -- the "main reason" (his words) that Steve Moore of Boca Raton reads New Times is because of Jen "Kavetchnik's" food reviews (Letters, September 7)!

Not only does it say something about the New Times staff's lack of journalistic talent, but it assures me that Steve Moore's favorite author must be none other than Dr. Seuss! And Steve, why take offense at the truth? Jen is a big ass-kisser to the more famous chefs in South Florida!

Are you one of them too, or what?

Harvey Slavin

But why can't Tom's mom think of a better pseudonym? I read of Tom Walsh's adieu with great sorrow (Undercurrents, August 31). Is this his bye-bye or New Times' farewell? His page was one of our favorites! I hope the rest of our friends at New Times keep doing their super-duper job! New Times is the only unbiased, direct, and investigative press we are fortunate to enjoy in South Florida. I'm sorry, but very happy for him, and I wish him the best always. He's a heck of a journalist!

Mary Jones
via the Internet

Editor's note: New Times is sticking around. Tom is doing well in Cal-ee-for-ni-a. Undercurrents will be back soon.

When it comes to drama, Mia is no Noel Coward: Get a life, Mia! The write-up you did on Of Thee I Sing, now playing at Jan McArt's Royal Palm Festival Dinner Theatre, was so uncalled for as to be downright nasty ("Presidential Follies," Mia Leonin, August 31).

I've seen the show twice, and both times not only did I enjoy it but so did the rest of the audience. It's your prerogative not to like the play, but don't knock the players. To say there is not talent there is ridiculous. Ann O'Kane, for example, has a beautiful voice, and other members of the cast are seasoned performers who play the parts given them well.

Also Mia, you are evidently not a dancer. The routines fit the contour of the play. To pick on the looks of adorable Don McArt is beyond comprehension -- everyone loves Don. The play may not be super great, but it certainly is good! So, again I say, Mia get a life!!

Lois Landino
Boca Raton

In "The Fast Life and Near Death of Nica" (Bob Norman, April 20), the length of Demond Ruise's prison sentence was incorrectly reported. Ruise is serving 22 years for the killing of Michael Bush. New Times regrets the error.

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