Letters to the Editor

Lily-livered, liberal New Times coddles the bad guys: We read with disgust and despair "Crowded Cage" (Emma Trelles, September 21) and surely concur the atrocious conditions in the Broward County Juvenile Detention Center must be addressed and corrected. On the other hand, what alternative are you suggesting for those who are a danger to society? That we house them at the Ritz, with an ocean view and breakfast in bed? Oh, sorry, we forgot about maid service!

We would just like to remind the readers of New Times there are several reasons for incarceration. One of them is keeping those who have proven to be a danger to society off the streets. Granted, this is neither pretty nor politically correct, but it is important just the same. The article also mentions the fights that take place (surprise, surprise). Stop the presses! We've got a news bulletin: Those who fight at the juvenile facility also got into fights before they got there, i.e., they did not learn to be violent at the facility but before they got there.

Yes, the wretched conditions and inadequate staffing must be addressed and corrected immediately. And there is no doubt in our minds that the Broward County Board of Commissioners can find the money, somewhere within its multimillion-dollar budget, to do so. On the other hand, we must all keep in mind that no one is sent to the Broward County Juvenile Detention Center for being a saint. Bad behavior cannot be rewarded. Still, while arguments and accusations are very easy to make, the article offered no concrete suggestion for improving this most troubling situation. It will be interesting to see what the new children's taxing district will do.

Fred Bluestone and Linda Weinman

An interviewee offers her own unbiased judgment: I was very pleased by the way Emma Trelles wrote her story. It was well done and unbiased. She used the little information that I and others provided to research the facts and make the community aware of the problems that plague District 10 of the Department of Juvenile Justice. I have received several calls from former coworkers saying that they are scrambling [at the center]. This story could not have come at a better time. You chose to address issues that DJJ officials were unwilling to acknowledge: overcrowding, low funding, bad staff morale, and the disparity in employee income. Again, great job.

Joniece Frazier
via the Internet

Expunge evil from the Hollywood links: I just wanted to say thanks to Bob Norman for his effort in exposing public golf enemy number one, Dave Lottes ("A Real Chip Shot," September 7). Mr. Lottes' contract, awarded under a cloud of suspicion, is nothing more than a quasi-legal means to skim and embezzle dollars in order to line the pockets of his co-conspirators (read: crooks). I won't go into all Lottes' shenanigans, but I welcome the day when he is finally outta there.

Larry Gibbs
via the Internet

Or you think he'd go for Savior of the Century? I am writing about the J2K: Jesus of the Week 2000" contest on your Website. This contest is in poor taste and is offensive to Christians.

Throughout your reviews of the images of Jesus, your tone is satirical and irreverent. Worst of all, the writer proves himself to be completely ignorant of even the basic tenets of Christianity.

Would you have a contest for "Rabbi of the Week?" or for "Black Racist [Demagogue] of the Week?" Probably not, I assume, yet the Founder of the religion of most of the people on the planet is fair game.

Louis J Giovino
Executive Assistant to the President

Catholic League
New York, New York

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