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Letters to the Editor

We double-dare you to write again: You probably won't print my letter because I'm white. Jane Musgrave made much too much fuss about blacks being displaced by CityPlace in West Palm Beach ("City Displaced," November 2).

I lived at 1809 N. Flagler St. for four years. In October 1998 we tenants got our 30-day notice to leave. I moved to 424 Gardenia St., just across from where they began to build CityPlace in December. I was paying $250 a month for a small room. A few things never worked in my room, and there was no maintenance man. That was OK because my rent was cheap.

Things progressed, and CityPlace caused my rent to go way, way up. My landlord raised it to $350 this past April. I was informed that thousands of dollars were going toward fixing up that property and that my rent would jump to $525 thanks to CityPlace! Being on a fixed income of $725 a month, I couldn't afford the new rent rate. I'm 66, disabled, and a veteran! You see, blacks weren't the only folks trampled by the might and power of West Palm Beach. Black or white, red or yellow, CityPlace and West Palm Beach don't like poor folks!

I dare you to print my letter!

Dennis Sortin
West Palm Beach

Cashing in on the Kennedy connection: Separation of church and city? It's quite amazing that the politically progressive, urbane, and very gay City of Fort Lauderdale is being led by gun-toting, radical-right, fundamentalist, and homophobic Mayor Jim Naugle ("Politically Incorrect," Bob Norman, October 26). Of even greater concern is who may be financially backing hizzoner.

Four years ago Rev. D. James Kennedy, pastor of the ultra­right[-wing] and antigay Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and head of Fort Lauderdale­based Coral Ridge Ministries (a nationally syndicated religious broadcast program), supported three stealth candidates from his church for the Oakland Park City Commission. Two of the three won election, including one who defeated an openly gay incumbent and one who ran as a registered Democrat to cloak his true political leanings.

I don't believe for a second that Naugle became a millionaire by selling a couple of his homes, as he claims. He tells New Times, "In Fort Lauderdale I think it's hard not to be a millionaire if you buy [a house] and hold [it]." True, property values have been rising, but who is he trying to kid?

Naugle supports his family very comfortably on his $16,000 a year mayor's salary even though competitive elections cost him about $100,000 each. Something doesn't quite add up. Naugle happens to be a Presbyterian and also happens to be (like Kennedy's Oakland Park stealth candidate) a registered Democrat even though he only supports very conservative Republicans. It would not surprise me if it turned out the mayor were on Reverend Kennedy's payroll.

Douglas A. Feldman, Ph.D.
Fort Lauderdale

Homophobia goes downtown: Thank you for conducting and publishing such an informative interview. I thought especially telling was that Naugle finds more important that his daughter think gays are an abomination than that Jesus is a savior. You wouldn't think just his political affiliation is hypocritical. I guess that crap seeped into his religious life as well.

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

Straight talk (very straight): I wish all politicos were like Mayor Naugle, who is not a forked-tongued speaker! More of the people that are running for these offices should think and do as he does. Thanks for letting me say my piece!

Doc Colombo
Palm Coast

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