Letters to the Editor

Donato Revealed
This is horrible! Thanks for the story ("Fifteen Minutes of Infamy," Bob Norman,May 4). Please get this story to a national level. This situation is really a horror. These people and Donato are sick and cruel. Please get the news out worldwide as to this man's character. Thank you.

Anthony Giancana
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Down on Your Knees, Norman
Don't you have something better you could be doing than to fuck with Donato? This stuff starts to wear thin, and the agenda is clearly visible. Why don't you just get your kneepads out and go visit Clinton?

Norman George
Shawnee, Oklahoma

Now Get Even Lower
Your hit piece on Donato was really something. I have seen some scum-sucking lowlife yellow journalism, but you hit a new low. You are scum.

Wendell Tait
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Does Donato Sound Irish?
I had a gut feeling that this SOB [Donato] was no damned good. He is a classic example of the Dutch saying, "Empty tins make a lot of noise." Is he of Cuban descent? I will be mortified if he is Irish. America should develop another policy toward Cuba.

Carl Johnson
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The Legend of Donato
Dear Bob:

Just a note of appreciation for your portrait of Donato Dalrymple. He's become "a legend in his own mind," as Gil Scott-Heron once wrote.

Walter Lippmann
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Karen Long, President, The Donato Dalrymple Fan Club
Nothing, absolutely nothing is off-limits to so-called reporters as yourself! The "American people" were told for months that Bill Clinton's "personal" life was none of our business. It seems that Donato (the Fisherman) doesn't enjoy that same respect.

Why is it so important to you to trash this family? Why is it so important to you to trash the Miami relatives? There is a real story at Wye River Plantation! I would think that that story would be more important to "reporters" as yourself than the personal tragedy of Donato.

Some people follow polls, and some of us think for ourselves. I don't need a biased media telling me who the culprits are in this Elián saga. Fidel Castro and the Clintons are so involved in this mess that it makes me sick to think that a little child is being used by such powerful and sick people.

The story of this child being used for propaganda for trade normalization with Cuba should be the story, not the personal life of a good, decent, and religious man. I think the religious part is the bias of the elite media. It doesn't seem to bother reporters that a President uses a Bible as a prop on Easter Sunday just before or after an affair with an intern in our Oval Office! I believe that, if you look into the records of the Clintons and their cronies, you will find more than a few abused relatives and friends.

There is one major difference in these two stories. One [person] is running our country (and not very well), and the other is trying to save a child from communist Cuba. I'd chose Donato any day as my friend before I would either of the Clintons.

Karen Long
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