Letters to the Editor

Best Letter Writer

I'm very honored and humbled that you guys said those nice things about my work ("Best Daily Newspaper Writer, Palm Beach County," Best of Broward and Palm Beach 2000, May 11).

When I left Boston four years ago, I figured I'd miss the Red Sox and the weekly newspaper the Boston Phoenix. And I still miss the Red Sox, but because of you guys, I don't miss the Phoenix.

That a bunch of hip, smart, skeptical people like yourselves would pay such a compliment is very rewarding. I don't know what else to say other than, "Thank you."

Paul Reid
Palm Beach

Outing Donato

It's about time that someone brought out the facts about Donato ("Fifteen Minutes of Infamy," Bob Norman, May 4). This man is not true to his word, and we should never have been taken in. I will say that initially I thought his intentions were honorable; I'm sure many of us thought that way. His only interest from the beginning was to make a quick buck, but obviously it's going to take longer than he expected.

After seeing him in that closet during the rescue, it was obvious that he's trying to ensure a place in the movie. Donato is out for himself and only himself. As he stood there after the rescue and said, "America, what did you do to this boy?" I couldn't help but wonder the same thing about him: What has he done to Elián? It should have been obvious from the beginning that Donato was up to something, and finally New Times brought it "out of the closet."

Your paper is a breath of fresh air in an area whose breath is full of…. Well, we'll just leave it at that. Kudos to you, New Times; keep up the good work.

Name Withheld by Request

Malicious Editor Outed

I want to know from the editor: How much did you have to pay the Clinton slime machine -- a.k.a. Larry Flynt -- for your inside information? Your hatchet job on Donato should curry you so much favor with the Democratic muckamucks.

Have you no shame to report such trivia? This is not news reporting, this is trying to change public opinion via personal attacks.

May someone delve into your family trove and dig up a treasure to serve to the public. Couldn't happen to a more malicious guy!

M. Oberheu
via the Internet

Fishing For Donato's Motives

Your article about Donato and Elián is a very important piece of journalism that provides important background information about the Elián saga.

The facts speak for themselves, but your point that Donato ignored young David Waller, who needed his help, and found personal realization in a stranger like Elián helps to explain the motives of this strange man's actions. Now we need an article about the other players in the drama.

Joel Stewart
via the Internet

Hey, Don't Bring Our Mothers Into It

It is shameful to see how some sewer newspapers such as yours can destroy a person's reputation for a few bucks.

Might it be because the mother of the person who wrote this article is a prostitute who has drug businesses with Cuba and Castro?

Javier Castellon
via the Internet

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