Letters to the Editor

The Oranges of Wrath
Out on a limb: Good article ("Canker Sore," Kirk Nielsen, July 6). The story is unfortunate for sure, but the crime is who is getting that money being doled out.

It should be noted that tons of taxpayer loot is being tossed to local firms who have no experience in cutting down trees but have been granted the opportunity to participate in the eradication activities due to favors of high-ranking officials. If I were to name names, that would be rumormongering, which I shouldn't do, so I won't. For the record I am not an angry landscaper who is losing work to this firm, just a citizen who smells something funny.

I know of a firm that went out and purchased some 80 new 36-inch­blade chain saws and hired as many as 100 people from the labor pool. The new workers (even through the efforts of translators) were mostly illiterate, and now everyone is waiting for the limbs to fly (and I don't mean tree limbs, either). This firm is well connected. I'm sure if you dig around, you could find out a lot about who is making a lot of money during this epidemic.

Please do not use my name or my e-mail address for this letter. They are not nice people. Thank you.

Delray Beach

Our Government Is Crazy
Kids on the skids: I just finished reading "One Strike and You're Out… on the Street" (Roger Williams, June 15). I truly believe our government is crazy. There are so many real criminals out there, and they won't give people who try a chance. Every kid makes mistakes, and Jeremy and Jermaine were truly sorry for what they did. They are good kids and have been since they realized they were wrong.

I think BCHA should look at every case on a case-by-case basis. I do understand Dorothy [Springer] signed the agreement, but everything is not black and white. I'm glad I'm not dependent on the government to help me out, or I'd be dead. You told a good story that I'm sure most people, me for one, don't know anything about. No one ever offered help or counseling for these kids. They got themselves straight with the help of good parents who care. As you can tell, I'm upset about this, so I'll stop writing now. Thanks for listening.

Kathy Eisenberg
Fort Lauderdale

Standing by Her Man
His heart's in the right place: Barbara Cytrynowicz's ex-husband is not a deadbeat dad! Maybe he has a lot of growing up to do, but then again so does she ("When the DCF Comes Off More Like the KGB," Letters, April 13). He is not the most self-confident or aggressive man in the world, but his heart and priorities are in all the right places. He sincerely tries to be there for his children. He put himself through school while working a night job as a taxi driver. His motivation was to improve his ability to take care of his wife and children. He had just finished school when she left him. He loves his children, and his family also loves those children very much. Do not ever doubt that! I do not tolerate members of my family being maligned in such a manner.

Debra Cytrynowicz
via the Internet

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