Letters to the Editor

Giving Regency Some Credit
I was the contact loan officer at Regency Financial Corporation, and I was working with Andre Williams and Linda Forrest of Forrest Construction Co. ("Building Ill Will," Julie Kay, March 2). My experience comes from working with FHA buyers with Gulf States Mortgage. I have also worked with Habitat For Humanity on the loan-approval committee with the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers to help qualified homeowners qualify for a home. While working at Regency Financial, I was contacted by 100 Black Men to help with financing. I was advised that 100 Black Men had backing from the NAACP for some financing and that they were very prominent people in the black community.

Contrary to the article, we were not fired by Andre Williams; we backed out of the program eight months ago because I had a problem with the construction company -- they had a lot of credit problems. I told Andre, "unless you can get a new construction company, I can't finance these homes." I never heard back from him. 100 Black Men was not well managed. I told Andre to get the names of the actual 100 Black Men. He said they were sports figures, so I was led to believe they were prominent. But I never got the names, and I never found out who they were. Also, the time frame he promised was unrealistic. Williams acted like the houses could be done by tomorrow. He left the impression he had friends in the right places and could get the permits rushed through. We decided this was not going to work, so Regency decided not to be involved with the inexperience of the project.

Larry Batch
Regency Financial Corporation
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Undercurrents: Its Bark Is Worse Than Its Bike
Wow! That was a pretty harsh view on an otherwise lighthearted subject (Undercurrents, March 2). Sounds to me like someone has a few issues to deal with, or were our panties all bunched up when we were under the gun for a story? It's too bad you don't get the real meaning of those bikes, because you sound like you could use a little levity and happiness in your life.

Do yourself a favor, stop and take a moment to look around this beautiful city. Look at all the diversity among the artists and architects, all of whom have had some effect on the residents. I have seen three of the bikes, which brought me three smiles. Thousands have seen your article; I doubt that one smile or good feeling was brought about by it. Think about it. Have a good day.

Daniel DuCharme
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Putting the Fox in Charge of Florida's Children
I wish to commend Emma Trelles on the fine piece of journalism in "Take the Child and Run" (February 24). I have been observing as a concerned citizen the unfolding of the horrendous abuse upon children and parents by the Department of Children and Families (formerly the HRS) and the "good old boy networks" of the Broward municipal courts and sadly so many others nationwide.

It is indeed sick and sorry commentary that, as in the situation of former judge Kathleen Kearney, such a person be allowed to rise to Director of Children and Families. Talk about "putting the fox in charge of the hen house."

I only hope that the fine reporting responsibility you have demonstrated in concert with other nationwide media vehicles and responsible organizations will soon effect the surrender of such sacred responsibilities from the clutches of a system and individuals that smack of an abuse of power like something right out of Nazi Germany.

Tim Marshall
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