Letters to the Editor

The Sun-Sentinel's Most Recent Misfiring

The decision of the Sun-Sentinel to fire journalist Paul Scott Abbott for being in the news because his daughter was taken from him two years ago and held in an emergency shelter to this date, is, to put it mildly, inhumane (Undercurrents, March 16)! According to the Sun-Sentinel, one should not report the news and make it too!

Well, guess what, I'll bet Paul just wishes he were not in a position to make the news, but if anyone there has any clue as to how Paul can get his daughter back without doing all he knows to do, I'm sure he would be more than happy to comply with the wishes of whoever at the Sun-Sentinel decided the best solution to the problem would be to kick the man while he's down and be done with it. And then I'm sure that they knew that Paul has to pay attorneys and meet all the other expenses that we all must meet on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Dennis Wise

Albee Darned! Michael Liked Mia's Review

Recently your interim theater critic Mia Leonin loved the Caldwell Theatre Company's production of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance ("Good Timing," March 9) for which I am grateful. But more important, her review showed unusual intelligence about playwriting, the history of the theater in general, and the promise of regional theater in South Florida. I'm not writing because she liked our work; I'm writing because she did her homework on Edward Albee and his plays.

I always enjoyed Robin Dougherty whether she liked my plays or not, and I encourage you -- or whoever makes hiring decisions -- to hire a new theater reviewer who has a solid background in theater literature and theater history.

I'd like to read more of Mia Leonin!

Michael Hall, Artistic and Managing Director
Caldwell Theatre Company
Boca Raton

Editor's Note: Well, Michael, it just so happens that Mia Leonin has accepted an offer to be our theater critic, so you'll be reading more of her work.

New Times: Friend to the Alta Cocker

What's next? Toe fungus ads? I'm sure that the few hip and sharp advertisers you have in New Times were thrilled with the overly long and boring article by Paul Demko, "That's Condotainment!" (March 2), which thrust more light on the old farts living (?) in the area than a proctologist's flashlight (not!).

I get it -- New Times is taking a page out of Neil Rogers' book on how to get more alta cockers (old farts) to pay attention to it. But why? Why would you care about mollifying these nasty old geezers in the first place? Oh, I get it -- you'll soon be rivaling the Jewish Journal for Metamucil and toe fungus medicine ads. And you wanted to try and get the proper audience "ready to go" before the advertising blitzes for both products began!

Oy vey! What a stupid idea! Between the Jewish Journal and The Hallandale Digest -- aren't there already enough media outlets catering to these "early birds"? Stick to what you know best -- whatever that is!

Harvey Slavin

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