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Letters to the Editor

New Times: Journalistic Muse
I have just finished Bob Norman's article on Nica ("The Fast Life & Near Death of Nica," April 20). I thought it was an excellent piece.

I moved to South Florida four months ago and look forward to reading New Times more than any other source. It has depth, fun and is serious when it must be; basically all of the elements of a great work of journalism.

Thank you for a look into Nica's life. I wish him and his new family the best of luck, and to you and the rest at New Times, keep making me think!

Melissa Saltzman
via the Internet

Alan's Constitutional Duty to Correct
In his article, "If the Suit Fits, File It" (April 6), Paul Demko did an excellent job of sorting out the facts and providing opposing views concerning my lawsuit against the Federal Government. However, there are three things mentioned that I feel require clarification.

I am not an "accountant" for the City of Fort Lauderdale but instead am a financial administrator. An accountant counts things, and a financial administrator administrates them. There is a difference; accountants are nonmanagement union employees. A financial administrator is a manager.

I do not have a deeply entrenched hatred for the WTO. I do not hate anyone or anything. To hate is a sign of weakness and immaturity. I [possess] neither of these things. My convictions concerning the WTO are based upon solid constitutional principles and my professional assessment of our relationship to that organization. Hate is not part of this equation.

I do not believe that the Senate's failure to convict President Clinton is an affront to our Constitution. The Constitution gives the Senate the authority to convict or not convict according to the evidence. Doing either can never be an affront to the Constitution. However, I do hold that the Senate trial itself was an affront to the Constitution because it was conducted in a manner contrary to constitutional provision.

This having been said, I thank Mr. Demko for his excellent article and professionalism.

Alan R. Adaschik
Fort Lauderdale

OK, Exactly Who Is on Drugs?
I occasionally pick up your rag to see who's playing in town or when my bird's cage needs some new lining. Being a struggling musician and long-time South Florida resident, I've always been dismayed at the lack of coverage of the local scene. I'm glad to hear there's a huge buzz about the South Florida music scene right now (Bandwidth, April 13).

As a musician I've always thought it important to get a good buzz going. (Lord knows I've tried.) But to call it "the next Seattle without the drugs," what are [Nonpoint's band members] on?!

My point being, I'd love to see more features and reviews of local up-and-coming artists. I certainly know the scope of our scene is beyond the dozen or so friends City Link's Jake Cline writes about. I think support of the local media is what made the Seattle scene what it was, and the world took notice. (It was either that or that Space Needle thingy.) Write on, brothers and sisters.

Glen Allen, a.k.a. the Space Hippie

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