Liberty Coming For Seven

And no, not in that way, either. The infamous Liberty City Seven trial will either end in a not guilty or a hung jury. Period. Jay Weaver of the Miami Herald breaks down what's going on in today's paper.

Weaver says the jury it's racially deadlocked and I've heard the same from others. I'm with the black jurors on this one all the way -- no way any one of these seven guys should be put away for 70 years for doing ... shit, doing nothing. Narseal "Brother Naz" Batiste was completely believable on the stand as a con man trying to take advantage of would-be terrorists and never credible as a serious terrorist himself. And when you look at the rather disgusting nature of the two paid informants who ginned this thing up, well, it's a not guilty all the way.

Here's the thing: It may well wind up in a hung jury. If that happens, then the federales best drop the case and let this debacle be quietly forgotten about. Best for everybody that way.

While we're here, check this out from Mike Mayo's blog about that Omaha mall shooting. Says the media shouldn't name the shooter.

He left a note that said, “Now I’ll be famous.”

It will be a fleeting fame, for sure (quick, can anyone name the Virginia Tech shooter?), but he’s getting his Andy Warhol 15 minutes for now, with the media examining every facet of his life.

I want to deny him what he wanted, the way he denied life to his eight innocent victims.

I wish the rest of the media wouldn't name him either.

I know that’s not the way the news business works, but maybe it’s time we reconsider some of the rules.

Sort of the way the cameras don’t show streakers or other idiots who run onto the field at sports events.

By all means, let’s find out as much as we can about these troubled killers and tell their stories. Let’s talk to their families and friend, examine how legal or medical systems broke down, failed them and us all.

Mayo's well-meaning here (he always is), but contradictory and misguided (he usually isn't). If he really wants to find out as much about the killers, keeping their names in the dark isn't the way to do it. Now how often we use his name and picture (especially for the national media) is another matter. Reminds me of NBC's reporting of the package it received from the VA Tech killer (which I thought was done as responsibly as could be expected).

Now quick: What was the VA Tech killer's name? Ha, can't remember can you?

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