Life After Print

Gail Gedan-Spencer was a part-time copy editor at the Sun-Sentinel best known for co-writing one of the newspaper's more popular blogs, The Skinny. Then she was axed by the newspaper during the recent bloodletting.

Now she's started her own blog, The Laid-Off Gourmet. Let's show some Pulp support over there, so punch the link and click around.

Another blog I've been meaning to steer y'all towards is We Were Print, which by and for laid-off journalists (I know who's behind it, but have been sworn to secrecy). It's mission:

A lot of good people are losing their jobs through buyouts and layoffs. A lot of friends need a way to find each other. A lot of people need to know about their options and to toss around ideas as to what happens next.

We’d like to help facilitate some of the above.

Good name for a blog, We Were Print. That past tense is dead on the money. The Sentinel now is arming its reporters with video cameras and having them basically do small documentaries to accompany their stories. Check this out from the wife of the Pulp. I have to say it's a very nice job (with city hall tooler Bernie Zyscovich kicking things off) but I'm told a lot of credit goes to the editor, Kerry-Lee Espeut.

Multi-tasking -- these reporters are doing television, video shoots, and blogging. Some of it is good, some not so much, but the real problem is that probing, in-depth journalism may soon be a thing of the past (not that the S-S was big on that anyway).

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