Limbaugh Traveling Billboard Draws Attention to Huge Douche

Democrats unveiled the anti-Rush Limbaugh traveling billboard in West Palm Beach yesterday, showing that party leaders never learned that you're supposed to ignore a bully to make him go away.

The billboard, plastered on the side of a truck, reads: "Americans didn't vote for a Rush to failure." As soon as it was revealed, it sparked debate on the street by liberals and conservatives who are apparently easily set off by such things as billboards and radio talk show buffoons.

It's important to remember here that this is the same Rush Limbaugh who has called servicemen who don't support the Iraq war "phony soldiers" and excused the Abu Ghraib sandal by saying the guards just "need to blow some steam off."

In other words, this is the same Rush Limbaugh who just has to love the attention brought to him by a traveling billboard paid for by the Democrats. Besides, I think I speak for most of Palm Beach County when I say, Democrats, please don't remind us that we're home to Rush Limbaugh.

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