Lindsay Lohan to Rehab in Palm Beach Gardens, Maybe

Lindsay Lohan could be taking her hot-messness to the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, if her father has his way.

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According to wptv.com, Lohan's attorney has set her up to enter rehab in Morningside Recovery in Newport, California. But her father, Michael Lohan, would rather she enter the luxury rehab center in Palm Beach Gardens.

The oft-troubled actress was ordered by a judge to check into a court-approved rehab program.

"The Lukens Institute is where she wanted to go all along -- a place she will get the right treatment and finally get better," Lohan said of his daughter.

Lohan was ordered into rehab after she entered pleas no contest on charges stemming from a traffic accident. That incident had her in violation of a previous probation for shoplifting.

She was sentenced to 90 days in the slammer, but was allowed to serve that sentence in rehab, as well as entering 18 months worth of psychotherapy.

Lohan's attorney, Mark Heller -- whom her father has bitterly opposed being her council -- met with a judge in an L.A. court on Thursday to discuss Lohan entering rehab at Morningside, even though the facility may not met the requirements set by the court.

For now, she'll remain at Morningside while prosecutors determine if she needs to go to another facility or not.

If it's determined that she can't stay there, Lukens Institute may be the way to go for Lindsey.

And wouldn't that be something for Palm Beach Gardens!

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