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Live-Blogging Crist's Independence Day

Sorry, that's the best we could do for a dramatic video lead-in on such short notice. Anyway, Charlie Crist's about ready to step to the mic and make it official. Follow us after the jump for the MSNBC feed and commentary.

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6:01 Not sure if it's available on the video feed above, but Kendrick Meek was scheduled to offer his own commentary live on MSNBC. Maybe that's on the TV version? (I'm not near a cable TV.) Anyway, Meek just released a statement: "This campaign is in a commanding position." And by "commanding" he means third, based on the most recent poll. But it's true that Meek can make a move. More about that later. Time for us to sign off.

5:59 God bless everything. That's a wrap. Charlie's gotta go crowd-surfing.

5:56 "I could have stayed in the primary, but frankly, that's your decision." Can't argue with that. Primary voters who were polled clearly said, "Get out of the primary." But I don't think they said to get into the general election.

5:55 "For me it's never been about doing what's easy. It's about what's doing right for the people first." I'll just leave that one alone.

5:53 Oh, you see it's the nation's fault and Florida's fault that a tan, refined gentleman like Charlie Crist must run for Senate as an independent. It's not that Crist's run a crap campaign. Remember this.

5:52 He thanked God first. Take that you dirty atheists.

5:51 Crist played QB on an awfully shitty football team. He's touchy about that.

5:50 "He has represented us well in this state." That line aroused a golf clap.

5:48 Was that a heckler? What did he say? Sounded like "Crist-mas toast"? Tea partier, I'll wager.

5:47 "Charlie you make every attempt you can to please everyone you can." This is true. It's also impossible and a fatal flaw for a politician.

5:46 Who's this? A registered Democrat? He likes Crist because of the hugs. So does Obama!

5:44 There he is! Oh, the glamor of it all!

5:42 Jesus. I've been to wakes that have more life than this. He's in his hometown of St. Pete and the Crist campaign can't do better than 50 people?

5:40 Anytime a flak has to come up and ask the crowd, "Can we have some Charlie Crist chants?" Well, that's a sign maybe you've got an enthusiasm shortage.

5:38 OK, so the Charlie Crist campaign revival is playing Queen? Really? Who forgot to tell Crist that Freddie Mercury was gay?

5:35 And still waiting. I guess the only real suspense is whether Crist will queue up some Journey to kick off his campaign. It's good luck, judging by the way it worked for Ted Deutch.

5:31 We're waiting... Killing time with Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. Pretty sure The Boss isn't a Crist voter, though he's eligible to vote in Wellington.

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