Live From Lauderdale: Ochocinco's Desperate Attempts to Locate New Talents

The NFL Network has lots of time to kill before this weekend's Pro Bowl festivities, and it could do worse than letting Chad Ochocinco run his mouth for a few minutes. Around 1:40, he describes his plans to perform as both a punter and a kicker at Sunday's game in Sun Life Stadium. Then he takes a humanitarian turn, describing some slapdash charitable cause involving a bus trip to Atlanta. At 4:40, Ochocinco performs a few lyrics from a recently released single, "Girl, You Trippin'."

Add it all up and Ochocinco has, well, still just one single talent: running after footballs. Good thing it's made him a millionaire. Might be a good idea to stow that money away in some very conservative investment funds. Just in case some new talents don't emerge in life after football.

But maybe we're not being fair to Ochocinco, who needs musical accompaniment. After the jump, a live performance of the same song at Karma in Miami Beach.

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