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Local Blogger Questions New Mormon Temple in Fort Lauderdale

A story in yesterday's Sun-Sentinel says the Mormon Church has plans to build a new temple somewhere in western Broward County. It will be one of five new temples built in the United States and abroad and is expected to help serve the state's roughly 100,000 members living in Florida. 

Now, SoFla Mormons trek to Orlando to hear the word. Local leaders called the announcement Saturday "a blessing."

But one local Mormon questions whether the new temple is necessary, since it's not exactly hard to find a seat in the Orlando locale. "I have no idea how Florida will get enough Temple workers and attendees to keep the Fort Lauderdale Temple filled," writes Geoff B.

He does mention, however, that it will help all those Mormons living in the Keys, since that drive from the quintessential Margaritaville to Orlando is a real killer.

I'm trying to picture a Mormon living in Key West. But I'm willing to go with it.

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