Local Man Mystified by Judge's Order to Pay Child Support to 26-Year-Old

Count Patrick Neptune among the droves of Broward residents who think they're getting a raw deal from county judges. Neptune says he was recently ordered to pay child support for a 26-year-old daughter, even though that daughter had long since been adopted by the current husband of Neptune's ex-wife.

Mistakes happen, but Neptune points out that this judge has firsthand expertise on child support.

General Magistrate Phillip Schlissel was sued in August by his own ex-wife, who accused him of owing $5,000 in child support.

Neptune's an unlucky guy, it seems. You may remember him from an article I wrote last year, when an overzealous Fort Lauderdale cop was ready to throw Neptune in jail for the crime of watching the sun rise over Fort Lauderdale Beach. The cop suspected Neptune of "cruising for cock." In fact, he's a photographer looking to make a calendar from local beach scenes.

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