Local Man Whacked by Tony Soprano, Then by the Bank; Ex-Fiance Takes Place in Line

Celebrities -- they're just like us! If you've recently had your home foreclosed upon, then you now have something in common with Big Pussy. You remember him:

Vincent Pastore, the actor who played the famous and tragically named Sopranos character, has a Coral Springs condo in limbo.  And that's not the only pending legal concern. He's had to cruise back to Mobland to deal with a suit brought by an ex-girlfriend who wants $5.5 million in exchange for some ungentlemanly treatment in 2005. From the New York Daily News:

As the civil trial opened in Manhattan Supreme Court, Pastore denied smashing Lisa Regina's head against a car's gearshift and flinging her into the street, but admitted he yanked her by the hair and screamed an obscenity at her.

"Lisa yelled, 'Come! Big Pussy's beating me up! Sopranos!'" Pastore testified. "Nobody was beating anybody up. I was leaning against a wall."

Sounds like the name fits the crime.


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