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Local Paparazzo Shoots Celebrity Llama

With Gossip Girl star Blake Lively attending its grand opening party Thursday night, the W Hotel of Fort Lauderdale looked to make a big splash on the celebrity headline circuit. But it seems the luxurious scene was stolen by a single paparazzo who mistook Lively for a cud-chewing beast of burden.

In the paparazzo's defense, llamas and Lively have a great deal in common. Both have two Ls in their name. The llama is between five-foot-six and six feet tall. Lively is five-foot-eight.

Lively has shown character traits commonly associated with llamas, for better or worse:

They are extremely curious, and most will approach people easily. However, llamas that are bottle-fed or oversocialized and overhandled as youngsters will become extremely difficult to handle when mature.
Which is why it may have been unwise for Lively to be allowed to act at age 10 in the movie Sandman. In the llama's case (and perhaps for Lively, as well), early exposure leads to tantrums "characterized by bouts of spitting, kicking, and neck wrestling."

Like the llama, Lively is a pack animal, as evidenced by her dating Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgly. The two were first spotted mating in Cancun, a natural choice given that Mexico is much closer to the llama's Incan roots than Southern California.

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Thomas Francis