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Log on, Bet Big

There are at least 155 gambling Websites on the Internet. Some offer casino games, others provide sports betting, still others have both.

Among them:
Planet Poker (planetpoker.com): At a poker table are players from all over the globe -- Hong Kong, Katmandu, Kendall -- and you can chat with them on-screen during the game. The ultimate virtual poker experience for a wannabe traveler.

Intercasino (intercasino.com): If you want Monte Carlo without leaving home, sign on here. It offers casino games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and slots. And the sounds are good. Roulette balls rattle, dice tumble, and lounge music sounds. You can also bet on sports.

Happywin (happywin.com): This Ireland-based site is designed for the polyglot. You can play in English, French, or Dutch.

Gamesville (gamesville.com): This site features the Bingo Zone. Just completing vertical or diagonal lines won't do; winning numbers must form complicated shapes such as arrows and sevens. The site promises big payoffs.

Grand Dominican (granddominican.com): Located in the Dominican Republic, this site advertises a high rate of return for slot machine players. It is also one of several sites that award points redeemable for prizes.

The World Sports Exchange (wsex.com): This one's for the sports junkie. Not only does it accept bets on just about every sporting event, it offers the chance to bet on plays during a game.

-- John Lantigua

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John Lantigua

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