Lois Frankel Outraises Patrick Murphy During Last Quarter in Bid to Take On Allen West

Shortly after we posted the announcement from the Patrick Murphy campaign about the hopeful Democratic challenger raising $313,000 last quarter -- $1.1 million total -- we got word from the camp of Lois Frankel, the other Democrat in the race, striking back.

Frankel's campaign announced that the former West Palm Beach mayor hauled in $415,000 in the third quarter, which, according to Federal Election Commission filings, also puts her around $1.1 million total.

That would appear to be an indicator of a hot primary race for the chance to take on Tea Party titan Rep. Allen West.

"It's clear to me that folks are fed up with the paralysis in Washington caused by tea party extremist[s] like Allen West," Frankel says in the announcement. "People are looking for a leader who knows how to get people back to work. We are taking nothing for granted in our fight to replace Allen West."

Murphy raised about $10,000 more than Frankel in the last quarter, as Murphy pulled in around $450,000, compared to Frankel's $440,000.

West raked in $1.5 million in campaign contributions in the previous quarter alone. His campaign hasn't announced its newest fundraising totals, and the FEC reports aren't due until the end of the week.

West's total from the first and second quarters tops $2 million.

The race for Florida's 22nd Congressional District seat is already being predicted as one of the hottest contests in the nation in 2012, and we'll repeat ourselves again -- we're still waiting to see how the maps from redistricting turn out.

Don't be surprised if the state's 22nd Congressional District turns out looking a bit different from its current awkward layout, which, in all reality, could take the West Palm Beach area out of West's district.

Time will tell, but at least the money scene is staying hot.

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