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Loki Boy, Boca Raton Squatter, Launches Strange New Record Label

There are moments, in between stories detailing FAU's most recent gaffe or a fresh Floriderp, that we stop for a moment and wonder.

What's happened to Loki Boy?

Last we heard from Andre Barbosa -- the squatter who took over a $5 million mansion in Boca Raton -- he'd just released a very neon music video to accompany his first single, "I Dont Wanna Let You Go." At the time, we'd thought, Loki Boy, please, don't be like that. Just let us go.

But then, he did. Loki Boy vanished, and we did miss him. As we missed his online entourage who, for reasons never explained, went to great lengths to explain to us that Loki Boy is Brazilian. And that New Times is, in fact, racist.

Thankfully, Loki Boy is back. And now, you can both buy his song at iTunes and peruse his new record label, called Monstar Entertainment Group. It has exactly one client: Loki Boy.

According to its Facebook page, Monstar isn't just about the music. It constitutes something experiential. "Monstar brings you dance, poetry, acting, cooking, sports, and etc," Loki writes.

That's not all. It wants to bring you the "finest, [most] tasteful, poetic beauty and skills." With Loki as its signature and solo client, this hasn't been difficult. Because, dear reader, Loki isn't just a random dude who squatted in some rich guy's house without rationale or political motive. And he isn't just a traumatically bad rapper. Loki is... Loki.

But Loki Boy wants you to know that Monstar too is more than just a record label. He writes: Everything's "coming together in harmony to represent an 'International Organization.' "

Like the U.N. or Red Cross?

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