Long-Awaited Jeb Bush Interview to "Save America" an Underwhelming Success

Someone ought to give these Jeb Bush education ideas a try. Check it out: accountability for school districts by punishing and humiliating the low-scoring ones, school choice to put more pressure on public schools because they need more of that, and a statistics-based apples-to-apples comparison between schools -- even when they're oranges.

"That system can work," Bush declared to host Sean Hannity around the two-minute mark of this video, from Wednesday's show.

"Well, we know it can work," said Hannity, "because it works for some kids, and it doesn't work for other kids." At which point, his producer probably screamed, "Oh fuck! Hannity's gone Colmes!" (In Florida only about half the African-American students graduate high school and only 60 percent of Hispanic students -- rates that are among the worst in the nation.)

Fortunately, Hannity recovered, bemoaning the "unholy alliance" between teacher unions and Democrats. By the time credits rolled, America was saved. To celebrate, we all got shitfaced and went to the shooting range.

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