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Loranne Ausley, Florida CFO Candidate, Completes Four-Day Bike Ride to Palm Beach

At least this proves she has follow-through as a political stunt artist, has a respectable level of endurance (she's a triathlete and marathon runner), and knows how to stay in shape while giving someone a metaphorical bitch-slap. That summary nails down Loranne Ausley's campaign platform as projected by her recent trek to pick a fight with her opponent and get your attention -- and ours. It worked; we're all suckers.

Ausley, the Democratic candidate for chief financial officer, started her 400-mile journey in Tallahassee on Tuesday and arrived in Palm Beach yesterday. Her purpose was to call out her opponent, Republican Jeff Atwater (who lives in Palm Beach County), for refusing to debate her. Atwater denies this allegation, according to the

Palm Beach Post, which also reported that Ausley wanted to show "the type of fighter that I am."

Ausley's trip, dubbed "Cycle to End the Cycle," sounds like the journey of an angry PMSing woman, but the second "cycle" means "corruption, backroom deals, and pay-to-play politics" -- a cycle that most citizens would certianly appreciate ending.

This week, Ausley isn't the only one covering ground in Florida for a cause. Check out this guy, who arrived here by foot from Seattle to raise awareness for Crohn's disease and colitis. Whoa.

Their inspiration? Maybe this man, who mowed his way across the country. A mic and podium just aren't enough sometimes.

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