Not Arison -- Or Is It?

Loria, Arison, Arison, Loria

Dave Hyde's column about Mickey Arison is on the Internet. The only problem: It's accompanied by a photograph of Jeffrey Loria (thanks to NT colleague Candice Gulley for the heads-up). But hey, who cares? They both own sports teams and sort of look alike. In fact, they might be the same person!

Oh I forgot. Hyde doesn't investigate -- either journalistically or intellectually. He just writes whatever idiotic thing comes into his head, apparently. I've written a lot about the dunderhead lately because of the Heat championship run, but then I swore off all things Hyde. Then came this morning's column, where Hyde's reflexive instinct to nudge his nose into sports luminaries' nethers surfaced yet again. The column is a debacle, basically applauding Arison, a mega-billionaire who personifies the cold dark force of corporatism run amok, for being, well, dull and invisible.

[Okay, I've deleted a portion of this post because it was, well, wrong. I confused something about Arison the father with Arison the son. An anonymous reader commented: "You come across as someone with a vendetta who twists facts to make the point or maybe someone who isn't as good at criticism as he thinks." Touche. Also, the Sentinel corrected the on-line version, so some (extremely neglible) good came from this.]

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