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Almost forgot this story by Tal Abbady, the protector of Jewish sensibilities everywhere. The Sun-Sentinel reporter, following his her dressing down of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez as possibly the next Hitler, took a couple of Spanish-speaking Cuban radio show hosts to task this weekend.

The hosts are Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero, whose show is called El Vacil�n de la Ma�ana (or The Morning High Jinks) on El Zol 95.7 FM. These are the guys -- idiots, I want to call them at this point -- who tortured former El Nuevo Herald arts writer Jose Antonia Evora after he wrote about their obscenities on the air. Evora, as I noted on the Pulp on August 25, resigned from his job after ENH published a puff piece about Santos and Ferrero.

Abbady notes that the duo has on their show a Jewish "immigrant-hating" character called Goldstein. Not a big deal so far. But then the reporter tells us about another website apparently run by Santos and Ferrero where "in place of a photo for Goldstein is a Nazi eagle and swastika." Whoa. That may not be English, but we understand because

it's in the international language for hate. Maybe worse, they have a recurring black character named Al Jackson whose photo on the website has lips that "balloon from his face."

This is supposed to pass for post-Reconstruction humor in the United States of America? Sure, they're racist and anti-Semitic. That's one thing. But they're also not funny. That's unforgivable.

(The website in question is, but it's not coming up now. Instead it's kicking to the radio station's site).

UPDATE: A kind fellow using the name of Irwin M. Fletcher (aka "Fletch") gave us this link for the offending website. It works. And it's just as hideous as Ms. Abbady described it.

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