Lou Dobbs Progeny No Longer a Prodigy

At only 21 years old, Hillary Dobbs of Palm Beach (and Sussex, N.J. -- among other homes) is now a veteran of the same horse-jumping world where two years ago she was a prodigy. This week the daughter of the grumpy CNN financial anchor goes up against an 18-year-old who's also from Florida -- Windermere native Sarah Ward -- in the Devon Horse Show in Pennsylvania.

Last year, at 20, Dobbs became the youngest ever to win both Devon's Leading Open Jumper Rider event and the Open Jumper championships, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. But should Ward win those events, she'd have the record. As if Dobbs didn't have enough to worry about -- what with the Harvard classes and that internship she landed (by coincidence, we can be sure) at CNN.

Finally, to answer the inevitable question: In the Dobbs household, border-hopping is verboten; horse-jumping is encouraged. Got that? Below, video of Dobbs in action. After the jump, a video interview.


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