Do You Believe?

Mad Picks

I've been staying away from the NCAAs -- but it's time to unload some of my picks:

-- All 10 seeds will advance to the second round. -- Memphis runs to the 8. -- SEC goes strong again this year with four Sweet 16 reps (Vandy, Tenn, Ky, Fla). -- Florida gets to the final game only to lose to ... -- The Champion: Texas.

I went with Durant and Augustin to run through the tourney after I saw them manhandle Kansas before succumbing to the suffocation of what had the feel of an away game with the Jayhawks squawking all over the place. I think the lighter air at the dance will do them good. I have my boys at Kentucky (Pat Riley's alma mater as well) going to the 8. I truly believe they'll beat Villanova, but Kansas may be a pipe dream. The point is they have the talent to beat anybody and it's about time they had a run of a few good games. I just can't see anybody getting past UCLA in a home game -- unless they get knocked off early (Zaga?).

With my recent run in sports picks, bet the opposite of what you see here and you'll probably be okay. For another look, check out Dan Sweeney's picks at Doomed Generation (most interesting thing, other than giving props to UK, is that he's got Pitino's boys going to the 8).

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