Madness in Boston: One Bomb Suspect Dead, Other Hunted

While much of the nation was asleep, Boston experienced madness as police identified and chased two of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. The suspects are said to be 19- and 20-something-year-old brothers who seem to have been living near Boston for at least a year based on internet clues such as references to one of them attending high school at the prestigious Cambridge Rindge & Latin school.

One suspect was killed during a crazy night that involved a gas station robbery, a carjacking, the tossing of explosive devices, and the death of two other public safety officers -- a university policeman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a transit officer.

The suspects are said to be from Chechnya. The surviving brother is named Dzhokar Tsarnaev -- he's the one in the white hat, pictured. The dead one's name is Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Police are currently searching for the second suspect in the normally quiet suburb of Watertown, where residents are seeing snipers on rooftops and authorities are searching houses. A third person has reportedly been arrested as an accomplice.

Jeff Bauman, a victim shown in a wheelchair in a now-famous photo of the bombings, helped identify the suspects. He remembered one of them placing a bag at his feet and identified him in photos, according to his brother.

Here is a timeline of last night's happenings. The New York Times has a fuller explanation of events.

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