Madoff Accountant Enters Guilty Plea; Questions Remain for Rothstein Money Manager

David Friehling, an accountant with South Florida roots, is going to follow Bernard Madoff into prison. The Miami native entered a guilty plea today to nine felony charges. Hilariously, Friehling maintains to this day that though he rubber-stamped Madoff audits and invested with Madoff, he didn't know that the Palm Beach-dwelling swindler had engineered a massive Ponzi scheme.

Totally unrelated question: How much did Debra Villegas know about the accounts of Scott Rothstein? After all, Rothstein himself told Bob Norman last year:

"I'm a lunatic about money. Debra Villegas handles all my finances."

We know the first part of that is true. As for the second part, you can bet an FBI agent or two has taken an interest.

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