Madoff's House Gets TP'd, Young Criminals Learn About Dressing Up for Crime

Teenagers toilet papered Bernie Madoff's Palm Beach house this weekend and then called the newspaper to take credit. They said the prank was sanctioned by their parents because Madoff had lost their trust funds. Madoff is confined to his Manhattan condo, so he didn't see the TP himself. Nor did he release a statement, but if he did, I'm guessing it would be something like: "Now, this toilet paper you speak of, is this the Egyptian linen my houseboy uses on my derriere?"

Now I can't sanction the crime of toilet papering, but if these young rascals have a few extra rolls, I'd suggest the homes of Lois Frankel and H. Wayne Huizenga, who may have had nothing to do with your trust funds, but it would still be fun to see if their fake statements also include the word derriere.

After the jump, read about two crooks who may soon be speaking to the TP teenagers as part of the Scared Straight program.

Well-Dressed Crook Caught, Serves As Lesson to Sloppy Burglars

Cops in Oakland Park arrested a guy who supposedly burglarized a house in Maryland and got caught because he left behind a tuxedo vest. Authorities say they traced the vest back to Stavros Dennis Kominos, 22, by going to the rental shop and discovering he hadn't returned his rented tux. This story should serve as a lesson to you punk TP kids, because criminals these days just don't dress up enough.

Bling-Seeking Crook Gets Prison

A Fort Lauderdale man will serve four years in prison for ripping off nearly $350,000 in payroll deductions and health insurance premiums from his trucking companies. Cops caught Patrick V. Crowe when he tried to buy a bunch of jewelry using checks from closed accounts. And while stealing is wrong and stuff, again, young crooks could learn from Mr. Crowe's desire for some thievery bling. Poorly-dressed Bernie Madoff, I hope you're paying attention.

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