Madonna: Wellington's Neighbor From Hell?

The Material Girl's Manhattan neighbors are none too pleased about the singer using her posh NYC pad as a stomping ground for dance rehearsals.

Madonna's upstairs neighbor, Karen George, has filed a lawsuit, saying she was forced to move out of her West 64th Street apartment because of the "intrusive and excessive noise," coupled with constant stomping that shakes walls for hours on end, sending "pounding noise and vibrations" into the floor above.

If Madonna managed to tick off New Yorkers, who are used to the sound of loud traffic and honking horns. who don't even flinch at the sound of shots fired, followed by blaring sirens, how will her soon-to-be Wellington neighbors react when the man eater's in town?

The only thing these retirees are accustomed to is the tick of the sprinkler and the sporadic bird chirp.

A nightly encore of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour is liable to infuriate the rural, equestrian community, which is why her Wellington neighbors should start negotiating right now. None of us like all of Madonna's songs, but some of them are more palatable than others. They should craft a playlist, sanctioning several songs that Madge can blast without fear of reprisal. If I were within earshot, I'd pick these five:

  1. Lucky Star
  2. Vogue
  3. Candy Shop
  4. Like a Virgin
  5. Music

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