Magic LaserComb From Boca Zaps Critics

Not all white-coated doctor-y looking guys agree with the one in the video above as to the merits of the HairMax Lasercomb hair loss technology based in Boca Raton. In yesterday's Wall Street Journal:

"I think it is an expensive tool for very little difference," says Amy McMichael, an associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C.

You don't think we're going to let Professor McMichael trash our local vanity tech firm do you? After the jump, the company's owner strikes back!

"I will say two things," says company owner David Michaels in response to McMichael. "This woman does not have experience with the device. Second, I would like her to explain how much an effective hair loss treatment would be valued at."

For the LaserComb, that's $495. Beat that, McMichael.

Michaels, who politely asked we share with you a link to his company's website, told Juice that the other researcher quoted in the article had only studied the product's effects in just two patients -- far too small of a sample group to draw any broad conclusions.

If that weren't enough, he alleges that the Journal also under-reported the efficacy of the LaserComb: It increases hair density in more than just seven percent of those who use it. Not that it matters much to the going-bald, who would shell out thousands if only for a one percent chance of re-growing hair.

The technology of bio-stimulation has its roots in the 1960s, when it was used by the Hungarians and Soviets. Lexington International has been around 10 years and continues to enjoy the legal advantage that comes with getting the first approval from the FDA. That hasn't stopped imitators, but Michaels says those have all been mowed down by the company's lawyers, if they haven't already been exposed as "charlatans" by unhappy customers.

The article is right, however, in saying that completely bald men have little chance of being rejuvenated with the LaserComb. It works only on thinning hair.

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