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Maker of Wigs for Dogs Strikes Gold with Sara Palin Number

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Does that dog look folksy to you? Maybe a little bitchy and ignorant, but still sort of irresistible? Like an evangelical secessionist who knows the real America, hates elitists (like that horrible Katie Couric) and enjoys shopping, right? Now you too can give your puppy that well-dressed fertile ex-beauty queen style, with the Sarah Palin dog wig from Wiggles Dog Wigs on Bay Harbor Island.

Ruth Regina, the creator and owner of Wiggles, is an 8th-generation wig maker and crafted wigs for entire run of the Jackie Gleason Show. Her studio is covered in autographed photos of stars she’s worked with: Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon, Jerry Lewis, Al Pacino, and many many more. She still makes human wigs for some celebrities (she made one recently for Tyra Banks) and cancer patients. But she spends most of her time making wigs for dogs, by hand. Regina makes an Elvis model, a Marilyn Monroe, and a team of Beatles mops. Her hottest item though, is the new Palin for pooches; she started making them three weeks ago and has already sold more than 40. Customers come from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, and she’s shipped wigs all over the country. “The doggies love it because they get a lot of attention,” she says. “I designed it so the ears come out and it’s light as a feather and very gentle on the dogs. The wig doesn’t irritate them at all.”

Regina says she’s an independent and will be happy no matter who wins the election. And if you don’t want to pal around with a K9 Palin, Regina has other timely offerings: The Obama, The McCain, The Biden, and even a Joe the Plumber.

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