Mama Kitty, Marijuna, And More

-- As the Miami Herald tells us in its web tease, a fellow shot his own cat's "head off" and had to go court. Then reporter Amy Sherman tells us all about the case of the murdered cat. First thought: anybody who has [lived with] a cat that is drifting into insanity and disease can relate with what this guy did. Hell, Mama Kitty was at least 13-years-old. It was time to go. An idiotic case from the get-go, another colossal waste of time delivered to us from our Broward State Attorney, Michael Satz, who should have stopped his assistant, Yasser Kader, from dragging this thing into court. I'm glad common sense prevailed and the jury acquitted Michael Stueve of animal cruelty charges. Now go free, you crazy bastard, go free.

-- My how the mighty have fallen. I remember Nathan Avrunin from the Georgia Roberts/Kristi Krueger case and he's mentioned in my book. After reading Tonya Alanez's story in the Sun-Sentinel, I wonder what's worse -- getting arrested for domestic violence or getting whipped in court by a kooky soccer mom.

-- Just more reason to legalize marijuna. It's ridiculous that our government allows criminal syndicates to be built around weed.

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