Man and the Mirror: State's Asking You to Change Your Ways

Considering South Florida's love of all things kinky and Democrat, you'd have reason to expect a GOP-dominated legislature to be combing through our local police reports so they could A) figure out what weird sex stuff we're up to; and B) pass laws against it.

Yet this legislative session, the very opposite scenario is at work. South Florida Democrats are looking to the state's most Republican corridor -- the Panhandle -- to find bizarre and unsettling sex scenes that (to their horror) are not technically illegal.

We've told you all about how Sunrise Sen. Nan Rich drafted an anti-bestiality bill after a Panhandle man raped a goat. And now another Democrat, Sen. David Aronberg of Greenacres, has written a bill that would make it illegal to use mirrors to peer down blouses and up skirts -- again, based on a report that some perverted Panhandler was doing exactly that.

Sadly, the bill contains no provision that would allow a gentleman to engage in a bit of vigilante violence when a creep is not-so-subtly filming women at the beach.

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