Man Arrested After He Threw Oranges At His Girlfriend Because of Her Karaoke Singing

Collier County deputies were called about a disturbance at around 2:00 a.m. by neighbors who say a woman was frantically knocking on doors with her 8-month-old son in her arms, saying she had been beaten by her boyfriend with a bunch of oranges.

The reason her boyfriend allegedly pelted her with a bunch of oranges?

Her karaoke singing.

Sounds reasonable enough!

Hai Tan Nguyen, 46, told cops that he, his girlfriend and their infant son were at a house party that night.

Nguyen claimed that the child had a runny nose and was crying, so he told his girlfriend to hold their son and keep him warm.

But, he says, his girlfriend was too busy singing karaoke to do that and, thus, he got angry.

So, he allegedly decided to grab some oranges and throw them at her.

However, Nguyen says he never hit his girlfriend, that the two merely got into an argument and then left the party.

The girlfriend claims that Nguyen began yelling at her and throwing oranges at her when they got home. She also said Ngyuen's main beef was that her singing was hurting the baby's ears, and making him cry.

Also, that some dudes at the party started to dig her because of her awesome karaoke singing, so Nguyen got jealous.

She also told cops that when he was done hitting her with oranges, he began to punch her in the face and head. Deputies did notice marks and scratches on her body.

Cops examined Nguyen's residence and noticed several damaged oranges on the floor, as well as orange pulp and juice splattered on the wall.

Nguyen contends that it was his girlfriend who threw the oranges at him. When cops asked him why he didn't mention this earlier, Nguyen did not answer.

He was promptly arrested for battery and taken to the Collier County Jail.

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