Man Arrested For Having Heroin on Lap Tells Cops He Has No Idea How It Got There

Shawn Day and his pal Patrick Webster pulled into the parking lot of the Budget Inn at 1600 N. Federal Hwy. in a 1995 Mitsubishi.

As they did, cops noticed that they might be up to no good.

And the cops were right. The area is known as a busy place to buy and sell drugs. As a woman walked up to the car and handed Webster something, the cops swooped in.

When they leaned in to question the men, the cops asked Day about a heroin baggy in his possession.

Day was all, what heroin baggy, officer? And the officer was all, the one clearly sitting on your lap.

According to Delray Beach Police, Day , 19, told them he had no idea how the bag of heroin landed in his lap.


Day, who was riding shotgun in the Mitsubishi, insisted he had no idea how it got there. 

An officer wrote as much in the police report.

"He said he did not know where it came from," the report says.

Unfortunately for Day, the magically appearing heroin baggy explanation did nothing to sway the cops. He was promptly arrested.

Day was booked to the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.

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