Man Arrested for Leaving Baby With Strip Club

Whole new year, same old FLORIDERP.

Kenneth Rowe, 26, of Daytona, wanted to start the new year getting his rocks off with some boobies in his face. 

So he hit up local strip joint, Sharks Lounge.

But, turns out Rowe is the father of an 11-month-old baby. And it's kind of hard to enjoy yourself in a strip club with a pesky baby. So, according to cops, he allegedly decided to leave his baby with the front clerk so he can then go inside and take part in all the strip pole-dancing festivities.

Problem solved!

According to police, the clerk says Rowe was intoxicated.

Also, the baby appeared to have a rash on its face and was crying from hunger.

The clerk called the cops immediately.

Sharks, which is located just off International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona, advertises itself as a place that "will totally rock you."

The gentleman's club's website says that it's "more than a strip club," before listing ten reasons why you'll want to go back again and again.

Among them: table dances, a VIP room, the Shark cage -- whatever that is -- as well as a host for Bike Week, Race Week, and Biketoberfest events. It's also the place to watch NASCAR and to gawk at Harleys all night when you're not gawking at the lovely ladies. Also, Harleys. Did they mention Harleys? Shit yeah they did! Boobies and Harleys!

One thing the Shark Lounge ain't, however, is a babysitting service.

So, hop on your Harley and go check it out. But leave your babies at home, man.

Rowe is facing child neglect charges, and the baby is with the Department of Children and Families.

Also, congrats to Rowe for not only being a fantastic father but for being the very first entry into the 2013 FLORIDERP files!

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